The first  two pictures are of myself as  a baby in Europe and the following pictures include my handicapped son, Sterling. Sterling is now  19 year old and he function at the level of an infant: He doesn't talk or walk and he is completely helpless and  requires complete care such as diapering, feeding, washing, dressing as would an infant.
This is me (Shirley) almost 2  year old  (June 1950) with bandages covering the side of my  face below my ears to hide the oozing eczema patches. 
This is me (Shirley) 18 month old with mother and father
This is  me (Shirley) with my 19 month old son, Sterling.
I was 185 lbs then. November 1980
Here is my 22 month old Sterling sleeping with his dady 
February 1981
 Here I am overweight at  185 lbs with my son Sterling who is about 18 month old. (1981) 
May 1983:  I have lost 60 lbs. Here with my son
Sterling who is now 4 year old and  our  dog Nadja
November 1993: Holding  Sterling on a poney.
He is 14  year old.
November 1993: 
In our big bed teaching Sterling to play
with a toy and looking in a mirror.
1993: Holding 14  year old Sterling on a  swing
November 1994: Sweet talking to 15  year old Sterling
November 1994: Loving Sterling
June 1995: Laying in bed with 16 year old Sterling and working on my laptop.

1994: with my dog Shasta. I have a beautiful skin here.
June 1996: training my dog Shasta for personal  protection while Sterling looks on from his stroller. 
My skin was still fine than.



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