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Debunking misinformation internationally

Overwhelming evidence that the drug AZT causes death and that the HIV virus is not a contributing factor to AIDS is gaining international attention. In March 1993, Karen Park, International Educational Development, Inc., spoke at the United Nations concerning infants with the HIV virus, " . . . infants were treated with AZT, a drug whose extreme toxicity is under scrutiny . . . there was no rational reason to give HIV-positive babies . . . AZT . . . the drug would surely kill them."1

The following day, Karen Parker continued to release information concerning AZT and urged the United Nations to intervene in the dissemination of propaganda whose hypothesis, that HIV is the direct cause of AIDS, is unfounded, and suggested that a ban should be imposed on the use of AZT.2

Project Aids International (PAI) submitted evidence during this United Nations session that the United States Government and the manufacturer of AZT (Wellcome Foundation, Ltd. London) had sufficient knowledge as early as 1961 that AZT was a deadly toxin. PAI further attests that "both the U.S. Government and Wellcome Foundation are knowingly participating in criminal negligent homicide."

If this is so, thousands of people have needlessly died. Is the United States Government deliberately engineering the eradication of a large group of people? If the facts do reveal a deliberate act to destroy portions of a population, we are looking at genocide.

Though most of us don't seriously consider such a hideous crime, there is, on the international level, a United Nations Treaty on Genocide. Genocide is defined as "committing, with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group."3

The General Assembly Resolution, Article III, reads: "Persons committing genocide, or any of the other acts enumerated in Article III, shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals."

On September 23, 1948, United States Secretary of State Marshall stated, "Governments which systematically disregard the rights of their own people are not likely to respect the rights of other nations and other people, and are likely to seek their objectives by coercion and force in the international field."

When we turn to the events surrounding the dissemination of information concerning the AIDS and HIV scenario, a pattern seems to emerge. If this is, in fact, genocide, it will take a large group of aware people to bring justice.

We are surprised when we seek information from professionals in the medical field. Dr. Harold Jaffee, Director for the Center of Disease Control for HIV/AIDS infectious diseases, qualifies all information on the AIDS hotline, and is quite clear about the AZT/HIV situation. He explains, "A number of mechanisms have been proposed to account for the dysfunction and depletion of CD4+ T-lymphocytes; which of these mechanisms is most important remains unknown."4

It is puzzling that a man in his position is armed with scientific rumors and has no facts that HIV causes AIDS. Nevertheless, despite his above admission, he instructs his hotline operators to continue to misinform the general public that HIV is absolutely the cause of AIDS and that early intervention with AZT will help delay its onset. Nationwide, his hotline advises, "If you receive an HIV-positive test result, you will eventually develop AIDS and die." this is such cheery news.

Isn't it odd that this goes on? Why is it that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not intervened? Research reveals that there has been manipulation of information by Burroughs- Wellcome, the pharmaceutical company who manufactures AZT. Unknown to the general public, the FDA relies on the "honor system" to determine drug approvals. One of the main criteria to "bringing the drug to the market" is its financial strength.

Shedding more light on this shocking fact, Dr. Richard Belts, who created AZT in 1961 under a grant by the National Institute of Health (NIH), determined AZT too carcinogenic (cancer causing) and toxic at any dose to be of benefit. No patent was filed. Despite this, the FDA approved the drug.

Fraudulent approval of AZT has not deterred Burroughs-Wellcome from an aggressive ad campaign. Not only is the U.S. Public Health Service, via its public information network through the Center for Disease Control, continually parading the unfounded HIV-AIDS hypothesis, but great persuasion has gained massive donations from private organizations.

In July 1993, in an article published in Bio Technology Magazine, we find that antibody tests re not standardized and not reproducible. The group of scientists contributing to this article conclude "that the use of antibody tests as a diagnostic and epidemiological tool for HIV infection needs to be re- apprised." Although this is a breath of fresh air, with the changing AIDS climate, it is also a wise move to prevent criminal prosecution.

PAI continues to work to inform the public of the facts and to deter hysteria. We also acknowledge that many doctors have been misinformed and that is was not their intention to harm their patients.

Although the battle for justice is gaining momentum, it is still easier to receive press coverage of these findings in Europe. For example, our March visit to the UN made headlines in Germany and France.

We believe we have a cause for genocide.

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